Second album

As many people have noticed, I have not released any new music since my album Esoterica in 2007.  That’s really a long time.  I can’t even remember all the things that happened to me since then.  Some of it was just normal life stuff, some of it… not so normal.  Several times I have tried to make progress on a second album, but most of the tracks I experimented with didn’t get past the concept stage.  I did finish one song a couple of years ago but for some reason it still hasn’t been released.  In theory it will be on the next Shaman Films compilation.  Since then I got very involved with iPhone/iPad game development, which is very time consuming.  Recently though, I have turned my attention back to Logic Pro and become serious about my music.  Honestly I wasn’t sure if this would ever happen again.

Things are coming together quite nicely.  Some of the tracks I had started a year or two ago I have returned to with fresh ideas, and I have written some new ones from scratch as well.  iPad development is still taking a lot of my time, but I suspect it won’t be too long before my second album is finished, I’d say by summer.  The style is pretty similar to my last album, but more refined.  It definitely sounds better in my opinion… but then if I thought I wasn’t exceeding my past work, it would mean I was doing something wrong.  One thing that is different is I have returned to the classic use of vocal samples (as in, ripped from TV and movies), something I purposely left out of all the songs on Esoterica.  Currently I have the first track of the album completed, and 3 more half completed.  The rest have been started, though I may change my mind and replace them with something different by the time the album is finished.

As things progress I intend to post updates.  At some point I also plan on putting up a real website at my URL, which currently just points to my very dusty MySpace page.



5 Responses to “Second album”

  1. A second album? Thank you. Thank you so much! Is Michelle Belanger involved?

    • You’re welcome! At this point in time I can’t say if any songs on this album will be a collaboration with Michelle, but there is the possibility.

      • Well, it’s really good to hear that you’re working on a new project, with or without Michelle. And just a random question for today: are you familiar with a pc game called Deus Ex?

      • No, I’m afraid not… other than a quick glance at wikipedia.

      • Something tells me (literally, a quiet, otherworldly voice in my head, hehe) thay you might really enjoy exploring this particular virtual universe. Or even fall in love with it (it’s an unbelievably unique, complex and inspiring experience) as I once did. Btw. it has a great soundtrack too.

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